Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

If you’re a digital marketer, you should definitely keep up to date on the latest trends. Social media, for instance, continues to prove itself as an effective tool for building a brand and increasing customer awareness. One noteworthy trend that brands are using is user-generated content (UGC). Whether created by customers or professionally produced, this form of content gives brands an authentic and unscripted look and feel. Here are a few ways you can get involved in the conversation.

Image search is another growing trend. When searching for a specific product or service, consumers generally type in a keyword related to the image or video. By including keywords to your ads, people are more likely to find them. Hence, this trend is increasing the scope of digital marketing. The use of keywords in your ads will also make them more accessible. However, this type of advertising will require some investment. However, the return on investment can be significant if you use these methods.

The introduction of Facebook’s virtual reality platform Spaces is an example of an emerging trend. While this was an unfortunate PR move, it shows the promise of this technology. Companies like Apple, Samsung, and Google are actively preparing for this new medium as an advertising force. In fact, the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft indicates that they see the acquisition as a necessary building block for the metaverse. This is a significant step towards the future of advertising.

While celebrities are no longer an effective way to promote a product, influencers are a better alternative. Influencers with expertise in a particular field are more likely to share their opinion about a product than famous people. James Charles is an example of an influencer who has expertise in cosmetics, and Cover Girl has already tapped him for several promotions. Video will continue to be a key strategy for digital marketers in 2022.

The gig economy has created opportunities for digital marketers who possess an in-demand skill. Many digital marketers have chosen this route because it offers flexibility and higher earnings than traditional jobs. The gig economy has also opened up opportunities for marketers who want to work remotely. Digital nomads are able to work from home and are often making more than their traditional counterparts. You’ll still need to learn about the tools, but you’ll be more likely to be successful.

The most important thing to remember is that digital talent is critical to the success of your marketing strategy. While securing digital talent is the biggest challenge in the world of marketing, it’s also a challenge for employers. According to LinkedIn, half of the top 10 marketing jobs involve digital skills. The more training you have, the better. The best way to prepare for this challenge is to learn about the latest trends in digital marketing. The following information will help you find a job in this field that’s right for you.