Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is a type of social networking marketing whereby people, companies and influencers with a purported expertise in a given field are allowing to promote products, services or brands via various social networking sites. It can be termed as the use of the social media sites to market and promote products and services through a network of peers. In short, it is the leveraging of the online influence of peers to drive sales.

Social Media has a reputation for being a very interactive medium, but in fact, it also lends itself to the marketing of products and services. With Influencer Marketing, companies and influencers work together in order to drive sales and profit to the product or company. The product is then promoted through the efforts of influencers networks. The idea of Influencer Marketing is to drive sales through the efforts of influencers who have an online reputation in that particular field, in terms of being an expert in that particular industry.

Influencers come in many forms, such as bloggers, celebrities, bloggers, journalists, entrepreneurs and even bloggers themselves who can promote a product or a company. The product itself will be promoted by the influencer’s friends, family members, colleagues, and even fans. These friends, family members and colleagues, in turn, promote the product to their friends and families and so on. These friends and family members are the influencers. The product, company and even the influencer himself will all promote their brand and the product. It is this brand promotion that drives the sale.

Influencer Marketing is best done through social networking sites. Social networking sites are sites where users from different fields to share information on their hobbies, interests and more. Some examples of the social networking sites include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. and other related networking sites such as Digg and Delicious.

The products and the brands that are promoted via social media sites will often have a very high level of visibility. The reason for this is that these sites allow for a lot of visibility and therefore are often visited by many people. In addition to this, these sites allow the user to interact and make comments which are usually visible to others. Therefore, the brand and product get a lot of exposure to its target audience.

This type of marketing enables the company and the advertiser to reach the target audience who will be most interested in the product. It can also drive a wider market of potential buyers. It also allows the advertisers to reach out to other people who are not necessarily connected to the company or advertiser.