How Off-Site SEO Strategies Can Help Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It’s a group of rules for optimizing your internet presence in the search engines so they can spider and index your site quickly and effectively. SEO stands for search engine optimization. That means that they optimize your web content, keyword density, meta tags, headers, titles, and other things that the search engine spiders look for. All this means that your website will show up higher in search results.


Now, there are two kinds of SEO. On-page SEO, which is what you see in the SERPs. This is the stuff that most marketers spend time optimizing: making sure that your web pages contain the best content possible using appropriate keywords and backlinks. There are many different tools that can show you this kind of information including keyword research tools like Google Keyword Research Tool (Google Insights), MetaTracer, etc.

Off-page SEO is the opposite of on-page SEO. This is about how your web content relates to the search engine crawling the page. Each page of your site has a link called a domain name. If your site is optimized with on-page SEO rules then each link pointing to that page will be considered a backlink. The more back links there are to a page, the higher the search engine rankings that page gets.

There are also off-page seo techniques such as article marketing, forum posting, blogging, video marketing, social bookmarking, etc. All these things help your business in a variety of ways including getting you higher rankings in the search engines. But before any of that, there is research. Knowing what kind of people are looking for and where they are looking for it is critical to your success. So there is much research involved.

One of off-site seo strategies that I mentioned above is YouTube marketing. What this involves is creating a video blog post, or video blogs, to link back to your site. You can do this through article marketing as well but it is easier to make a video blog post that will actually attract viewers. One great thing about YouTube is the fact that almost all internet users have access to it. The video can be easily embedded into blogs without any problems.

Inbound links are critical to improving the SEO of your website. But SEO alone is not enough. You must also build brand recognition, so that you can generate a steady stream of inbound links to your site. If you keep your website fresh with new content then you will be able to maintain all of your SEO efforts for the long term.