Podcast Marketing – How to Increase Your Podcast Postings

Podcast marketing is on the rise in 2021 with more businesses releasing audio content on the Internet to build consumer trust, connect with their client base on a more personal level, and increase brand awareness with social media. But podcasting is not new. Podcasting actually had its origins in the early 1960s, when several radio shows such as, and others were broadcasted in the U.S. These radio programs spoke to the masses from the point of view of an everyday listener. Today, podcasting still offers this same level of accessibility to those who are interested in speaking with a diverse group of people who share similar interests.

Podcast Marketing

Podcast marketing is all about reaching your target audience and engaging them in digital audio content that you have created. When a new podcast is released, it can gain a wide audience immediately. Many individuals enjoy listening to podcasts, which tend to speak on a more personal level with listeners. Because of this, creating digital audio content that speaks to the preferences of your audience is critical to the success of podcast marketing.

Podcast marketing requires that you engage in a number of activities to ensure that you create the maximum exposure for your podcast. You may begin by inviting a podcast host to your website or blog to host a podcast on their site. Podcast hosts typically appreciate being involved in what they consider to be an exciting business venture. Hosting a podcast can be an excellent form of free podcasting that allows you to brand yourself as an expert in your particular industry.

In addition to hosting your podcast on the site of your podcast host, you should also engage in social media activities such as sharing your content via RSS feeds, Twitter lists, Facebook fan pages, blogging, and linking back to your social media pages from your blog posts and episodes. If you are submitting articles, make sure that your contact information is included in your author resource box. Remember to always link back to your website’s homepage as well. Additionally, you should consider recording your episodes and submitting them to the various video hosting sites.

Because podcast marketing requires that you brand yourself within your content, it is imperative that you always take the time to engage in discussions with your audience. In addition to openly communicating with your audience through podcasts, you should engage in blog posts and article writing that provide your audience with insightful and interesting insights. You should also consider hiring a professional writer or videographer to produce promotional videos or behind-the-scenes footage of your business. By engaging in these promotional measures, you will demonstrate to your audience that you possess the professional expertise necessary to effectively present your product or service to a targeted audience.

In conclusion, podcast marketing requires that you develop an understanding of your target audience, cultivate a deep understanding of how the internet works, create original content, record episodes that reflect your business objectives and goals, distribute episodes throughout the appropriate distribution channels, and continually engage with your audience in conversations via podcasts and message boards. Furthermore, in order to ensure that your podcasts achieve success, you need to continually revise and enhance the content that you are producing. Finally, remember that you are not likely to become a household name overnight. Podcast marketing takes patience and perseverance. Only after each episode has achieved reasonable growth in viewership will you begin to see results.