Successful Digital Marketing Course

A digital marketing course is the perfect way to kick-start your career or enhance it. There are many fields where online marketing is required, but the internet is by far the biggest. Digital Marketing Bootcamp teaches you all the fundamentals of digital marketing and enables you to apply these concepts in today’s highly competitive online world. Obtaining a digital marketing certificate further helps you demonstrate to potential employers that you possess clear understanding of these core digital marketing principles.

Digital Marketing Course

The course consists of 12 video lessons spread across six weekly sessions. There are eight weekly sessions with each lesson consisting of two minutes long lesson. The topics covered in each session are: Introduction, The Power of Video, Social Media Marketing, Press releases, Email Campaigns, Online Advertising, Social Media Tools, Digital Marketing Strategies & Basics, Closing Sales, and Affiliate Marketing. As well as this basic lesson, you will also receive valuable information regarding online marketing strategies, email campaigns, Google AdWords, PPC, affiliate marketing, website optimization, search engine optimization, social media, content marketing, blogging and more!

The Power of Video is offered in two parts: Introduction and The Power of Social Media. In the Introductory Part, you will be introduced to social media and how it can help you drive traffic to your business. You will also get an overview of video production basics, including techniques and options, and how to create professional looking videos for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, & Twitter. The Power of Social Media focuses on the power of social media in promoting your business.

The final four sessions of the Digital Marketing Course take you through the topics that will help you market your business effectively. These include: Affiliate Marketing – How to Set Up Your Own Online Business, Digital Photography – How to Digital Photography Professionals, Fundraising and Marketing, Email & Internet Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. The topics included in this section are all directly related to what you will learn in the basic course, and they are all important to begin developing your digital marketing strategies.

A number of additional digital marketing courses are offered. Some of these include: Social Media Profiles, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), List Building, Social Media Tools, Email Marketing, Google AdWords, WordPress, Web Analytics, Shopping Carts, and Web Development. There is even an entire section devoted to topics on social networks and entrepreneurs. This is a great way to see some of the latest trends being used by other marketers, as well as get some insight as to what marketers in your area are doing differently.

All of the topics covered in the Digital Marketing Course are based on the latest trends and best practices from industry experts. The course also includes video tutorials and demonstrations, along with text and images that give you a hands-on experience of each lesson. All the material is designed to help you become successful in internet marketing, no matter what your background or level of experience. In addition, you will learn how successful business owners have utilized the many Google marketing tools, and also learn how to use the same tools to drive more traffic to your website.